Finally, The Real Route 66

June 13, 2012

 We’ve been driving alongside the old Route 66 since we left California, but it looks pretty narrow and bumpy so we haven’t tried to drive on it yet. Lo and behold, here we are, camping out right beside the famous “Mother Road.”

So, as I followed the tow truck into Seligman last night I noticed that the town was pretty cute, in an old broke-down western town sort of way. It is obviously a tourist attraction with Route 66 signs all over, and buildings painted in bright colors and creaky wooden floors inside. It was a feast for the eyes given the desolate place we just came from. I made a note to come back and take photos.

This morning we asked the KOA manager which restaurant was the best one for breakfast. She said, “The one with the most cars.” Hmmm. Well, it wasn’t too hard to figure it out. We ate at a place called Lila’s, even though there was a place across the street called “Road Kill Café.” Lila’s had a full parking lot. Road Kill had only two cars. The food was great—real potatoes and eggs and pancakes and they had all kinds of Swedish pastries, which we didn’t even think about trying. The place was very cute inside and the people were so nice and peppy.


Since we are now waiting for the hose for the radiator to come in we had a little time to “waste.” We took lots of pictures which I have posted on my facebook page, but I’ll put a few here too.

I think this means they don’t serve live chickens.

Elvis and friends on Route 66

This hotel had a sign that said it was run by people from Sweden. ??? We didn’t ask.

Harley Heaven

This is where they put you if you spit on the sidewalk…wait, there are no sidewalks!

Motorcycles up a flag-painted pole. I guess you have to use your imagination a lot out here.

That’s all for now. We’re going exploring while we wait for that elusive hose that will get this motorhome on the road again. Good thing we have our tow car.

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  1. pathubbard

    Haven’t you heard of the song.”You Get Your Kicks On Route 66?” We stopped there on our trip. I am glad you found friendly faces for a change.

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