One more obstacle, one more test, one more opportunity to hope for the best.

“We’re getting close!” This phrase has become somewhat of a joke between me and Sam these last few days. Every day there seems to be another challenge. Yesterday we found out that the “professionals” ordered the wrong radiator hose.  So we started over again. The right hose came in this morning on an overnight flight from somewhere in Tennessee. That in itself is amazing, considering everything that could go wrong. So, right now, 9:00 p.m., there is a “mobile mechanic” setting up his flood light and doing his thing underneath the RV. At this point I can only hope. I have no expectations, just hope.

Meanwhile, yesterday we decided to drive our car to the next town, Williams, AZ, where we have been trying to get to for the past week. We were scheduled to stay there and ride a train to the Grand Canyon. Well, it’s a good thing we took this preview trip. The RV park was just a large parking lot with RV’s lined up as far as you could see, and the train looked very uncomfortable. So, given the recent “signs” we cancelled the whole thing.

Here is a picture of another cute Route 66 diner we saw in Williams. It is a very picturesque town, but we’ll save the rest for later.

This place had live music, a huge bbq outside and lots of happy customers.

Once this bus is fixed again we are going to head over those hills toward Williams, but this time we will stay at the KOA, which is in a nice little wooded area and has a pool and hot tub and a place for the dogs to run loose. We WILL go to the Grand Canyon, but on our own, in our car and when we are ready. This is the hope tonight anyway.

I keep saying that it’s a good thing we built in some extra time…just in case…because there’s always something to make you slow down.

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