Back on the road again

Written June 16, 2012

The landscape changed a bit from Seligman to Williams. There are more trees, pine trees to be exact. This means that the campground has more shade. It is much bigger than the last one. We could walk about a mile if we went around the whole perimeter. This KOA has a huge playground for the kids and another huge one for the dogs. It’s all gravel and dirt, but still, there is just more space here. We arrived on Friday night so there were lots of families here. Lots of kids, riding bikes and motorized gocarts, jumping on trampolines, swinging on the swingset all day long, chasing each other around the race track. Very kid-friendly. It is nice to see so much youthful activity after being in the “KOA for overnighters and lost souls” that we just left. What a relief. No worries. I feel it coming back to me…

This morning we checked the dogs into a doggie day care, ate breakfast at a cute little western themed café in Williams, AZ, 

The old courthouse, Williams, AZ

outside the cafe where we ate breakfast

and finally went to the Grand Canyon.

beauty as far as the eye can see

Unbelievable. Breathtaking. Mind expanding. So big and so deep that no photographer will ever capture it completely. And we just saw the south rim, one-fourth of the whole thing. Between me and Sam we took over a hundred pictures. The visibility wasn’t great but we have some images to remind ourselves of the impossible grandeur. I am at a loss for words, since there really are no words to describe it. You have to see it. You have to feel the hugeness of it all. You have to get that shaky feeling in your legs when you walk down the short trail to the platform before you really understand why it’s called the “Grand” Canyon. There is a history and a spirit there that transcends anything we have done or thought in the last 2 million years.

In my next post I will put as many photos as I can to show the complexity of this place, but, as I said, no photographer will ever truly capture it.

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  1. You describe how I have felt at the Grand Canyon!

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