We’re outta here!

Written on June 15th.  (Catching up a little.)

Yesterday, after we drove back to Kingman, 75 miles one way, to get the right hose for the radiator, we decided to call a mobile mechanic. He was busy of course, so we waited another day. He arrived at our RV at about 9:00 pm, and took about 30 minutes to complete the hose installation, charged us $86. and was gone. Easy. So easy, in fact, that I couldn’t believe it. But it worked. Today when we drove to Williams we had no problems at all. NO PROBLEMS. Maybe we can go back to the “No Worries” theme we had on our last trip. It was so nice to leave that strange little KOA on the side of the railroad tracks in an almost dead Route 66 town. It was charming for the first day but after that was just a place to be until our problems were solved.

Seligman KOA at sunset


We arrived in Williams, AZ at 11:00, checked in, got everything settled and decided to drive to Flagstaff just to check it out. Again, it was a good thing we did. We had planned to stay there for a couple of days but it turned out to be quite a chaotic little place. Cars everywhere, people everywhere, aggressive drivers, what looked like stalled construction in many places, and the KOA was way too crowded. So we came back to the RV and looked at the map, checked out a couple more places like Gallup and Tucumcari, NM and  but didn’t find campgrounds that had enough amenities. So we are back to the original plan which is to go toAlbuquerqueon Sunday. But I’m skipping a very important day: Grand Canyon day.

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