An evening on the Arkansas River

Yes, it is the Arkansas River. It is big and it runs for a long way with bike paths and parks dotting its edges. We went exploring last night after the heat dispersed a bit and found a bonified, real, seafood restaurant. This place specialized in catfish and shrimp, not much else. But what they did, they did well. We shared a sampler and took home leftovers. Here is the view from inside the restaurant onto the lake outside.

Evening glow from inside “Cock of the Walk” seafood restaurant

  Yes, that’s the name of the restaurant. I’m sure there is more to the story than we want to know. So, we asked the waiter how to get to the river. He looked confused but then started giving us directions to the “Million Dollar” walking bridge. We thought that sounded nice so we went to the car and found this just a few steps away: 


white peacock

A guy in the parking lot told us that they always keep a peacock around as a mascot. He didn’t seem impressed by it. Personally, I didn’t even know white peacocks existed! We followed the waiter’s directions and saw an evolving sunset on the way. I whipped out the camera just in time to get this picture as we were going over a really big bridge: 

sunset in pink and purple

Then we found the million dollar walking bridge that the locals are so proud of: 

million dollar walking bridge


 We didn’t walk on the expensive bridge but we did walk on this one: 


And as we were getting into the car, I saw this scene and thought it was nice: 


Then when we got back to the RV we saw the moon again. It is almost in its halfway phase and seems to be peeking out earlier and earlier each evening.

almost half moon


Tomorrow we will visit Memphis, TN. This was not on our original agenda, but we thought we’d try to get away from the heat by going north. Well, that didn’t work. It is still hot and getting hotter, but we really don’t mind much. As long as we have plenty of sunscreen and an air conditioned space we’ll be fine. Memphis, The Home of The Blues and BBQ, here we come!

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  1. Beautiful photos…what an interesting day!

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