Little Rock, AK

We got into Little Rock at around 1:00 in the middle of the heat, so we decided to park, close up the RV, leave the A/C running and go into town for lunch. Our thermometer in the car said 107. It has been like this since Albuquerque, but we’re doing fine with it. We found a cute little 50’s diner and ate there. It seems like there are a lot of these diners, and each of them either loves Elvis or Marilyn, sometimes both. This one loved Marilyn more.


 She must have been outside on a really hot day like us. I felt like pulling my skirt up too! 

So, after lunch we wanderd around behind the diner and found this: 

log cabin re-creation

 and this:



Then we met Lyn and his partner who had just finished working in their re-created blacksmith’s shop. They were excited to see us and tell us everything about this shop and the museum. It was hot, we wanted to get back into our car, but we decided that history took precedence.

Lyn in his blacksmith’s shop

blacksmith’s tools


nail-less construction

Lyn and his history-buff friend built this whole thing the old fashioned way. They were full of information and stories and seemed very passionate about what they were doing. It made us step back and appreciate their dedication.

After they told us as much as we could hear,  they suggested we go inside the museum where it was nice and cool. We did, but first we took these photos outside.


fiddle playing, dancing woman


using what’s handy to make art

 Inside there were lots of civil war things and a huge collection of Bowie knives. Apparently they were used a lot in wars. I wasn’t impressed by all the war stuff, but the knives were gorgeous.  Here is one good photo:

Bowie knives

One last photo of Little Rock from the bridge coming into town. Is this the Arkansas River? 

That’s all. There’s a river nearby. Maybe I’ll find out what its name is.

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