OK to AK

This morning as I walked back to the RV from the shower I had a familiar feeling. It was happiness. I felt happy. Even though it was already 90 degrees at 8:30 and it was so muggy you could actually see the air, I felt happy. I grew up in this kind of place with lots of trees and grass and sand and bugs and birds. I looked down at the ground and discovered that my feet were also happy. I have been wearing flip flops since we left Petaluma about three weeks ago. I’ve been wearing flip flops for THREE WEEKS! Now that is a small pleasure to be celebrated. So I took a picture. (Check the previous post if you really want to see my feet in flip flops.)

We stayed in a small town outside of Ft. Smith, AK for two days so we could get some personal stuff done. Instead, we went to a movie and drove around looking for the Ft. Smith we remembered from 20 years ago. We never found it. It was so hot we didn’t care. We were very thankful to have our air conditioned car though. Here are a few photos we took in Ft. Smith.

Roadside cemetery, Sallisaw, OK

 This is only 1/4 of the cemetery, and it wasn’t the only one we’ve seen lately. Not something you see in California for some reason.



one of the many churches in ft. smith, ak

 We saw so many churches in this town. It seemed like every religion was represented here.


buddhist temple

 Even Buddhism. The monks and nuns stopped and waved at us between their gardening. Very friendly. There was a fairly large Vietnamese presence in this formerly “Western” town.


ironwork being preserved

 We also saw quite a bit of interesting ironwork here. I love the spiral staircase.


I call this, “Repeating Shapes.”

 I love how the iron and the lamp and the leaves and the shingles seem to say the same thing.


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