Doggie Heaven!

We have been on the border between Oklahoma and Arkansas for the past two days and finally there is a doggie park with real grass. We haven’t seen this much green since we left Humboldt County early this month. Even though it is hotter than you know what, the dogs have really enjoyed being set free on real grass. Here are a few pictures of them enjoying themselves.

Buster eating grass


Belle rubbing her head in the grass


Buster shamelessly rolling in the grass


This is how a dog looks when he is in heaven.


 There is nothing like grass when you’ve been walking on rocks and sand and shredded bark for two weeks and your paws are weary and hot. Then they realized that there were rabbits living in that very grass! The rabbits are way faster than these little dogs though. Still, it was good exercise.

rabbit playing hide and seek with the dogs

 We’re off to Little Rock, AR tomorrow and then to Memphis, TN the next day. Not much time for touring, but it sure is nice to see so many trees and rivers and so much grass, even if it is over 100 degrees. Thunderstorms, here we come!

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  1. I love the photo of the rabbit!

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