Amarillo to Oklahoma City

For the next few stops we will only be pulling in and staying for the night, so there won’t be many photos. Although I did find this cool one before we left Texas.  

I call it the leaning tower of Texas

The landscape is changing though. We are seeing more green…grass to be precise. The dogs had a great time bouncing and rolling around on a strip of soft, cool grass this morning before we left Amarillo. It’s not so hot any more, just into the low 90’s, and there seems to be some rain on the horizon. It will be nice to hear a thunderstorm again. Today when we walked around the campgroundin OKC I heard lots of cicadas in the trees. This is a very spooky sound at first but can be comforting once you get used to it. I also saw my first mosquito this afternoon. Time to get out the bug spray. Yuck!

old barn, Oklahoma

 We saw so many of these scenes. I could snap a photo every minute or so if I took them all. Seems like no one wants to tear down old barns, even when they aren’t being used any more. That’s OK though. It provides entertainment for sleepy travelers. On to Ft. Smith, AK tomorrow. I know there is something interesting there since we spent a day or so there way back in 1991 when we first came across the country…the other way. It is a cute little western town with a focus on trains. Let’s see what we see tomorrow.


  1. Theresa, I can finally spend time reading your posts that I have saved in my email. This looks like Highway 40 revisited.

    • Yes. We did take highway 40 until we got to Arkansas, then we started taking back roads….at least that’s what I remember.

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