Beating the heat

New Mexico Museum of Natural History

After lunch it was pretty hot outside so we went to the Museum of Natural History ala New Mexico. Usually I love this kind of thing, but by that time I was over tired, my feet hurt and I couldn’t seem to cool off. New Mexicois known for dinosaurs, and rocks, and I guess various theories of how life began. All of this, plus a whole history of computer technology was inside this one museum. So I looked at a few dinosaurs and spent a lot of time studying rocks and semi precious stones, and then I sat on the bench watching people while Sam absorbed the rest of the whole darned thing–minus the computer stuff. He is a sponge in these situations. I use that to my advantage sometimes and just let him tell me the short version.

 Here are a few pictures of dinosaurs and rocks.


dinosaur bones

 Some of this dinosaur’s bones were actually found in New Mexico.


The kids really loved this guy.


I am always fascinated by the gems hiding inside relatively plain rocks. This was one of the best displays I have seen. 




rose quartz






the largest piece of lapis lazuli “in the world”


I guess I liked the rocks more than the dinosaurs.


  1. Like you, I am unexplainededly, drawn to stones. There is a mystery to them in addition to their beauty.These are beautiful.

  2. It is great that you took the time to check out this museum!

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