Daily Archives: January 12th, 2014

Cactus all around

Sometimes it’s just more convenient to stay in a KOA. They are predictible–large sites, water, sewer and 50 amps of electricity, and the staff are usually very helpful and accomodating. Their bathrooms are clean and they usually have a theme that compliments the local environment. Here in Apache Junction, the theme was dominated by cacti. …

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Changing direction

We’ve been in California since May, gone up and down highway 5, and up and down highway 101…north and south, that is. I thought it was important to recognize that our direction has changed now from west to east. These pigeons were doing that swirly bird thing as the sun set. I happened to be …

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A near miss on the way south

When we started this trip back east, we decided to check out as many Thousand Trails campgrounds as possible. After the holidays and visits with family, it was time to move into uncharted territory. We had heard that Palm Springs Thousand Trails was unique. So, putting it into the GPS, we carried on south. I …

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