Cactus all around

Sometimes it’s just more convenient to stay in a KOA. They are predictible–large sites, water, sewer and 50 amps of electricity, and the staff are usually very helpful and accomodating. Their bathrooms are clean and they usually have a theme that compliments the local environment. Here in Apache Junction, the theme was dominated by cacti. Here are a few I found right in the campground:

This is subtle, but I love the swirling motion of these thorns.

This is subtle, but I love the swirling motion of these thorns.

cucumber cactus
I call this a cucumber cactus. I’m sure it has a different official name, but I think it works as a nickname.

me and a cactus
This cactus was outside the KOA office. Pretty big, huh? These kinds of cacti are all over this area…in fact there is a national park for them: Saguaro National Park.

orange flowers
I want to say this is an aloe but I’ve never seen one with flowers.

pineapple cactus
Agave? I’m not sure. I guess I really should do some research before I post this stuff.

I’m sure there will be more cactus photos before all is said and done. For now, let’s just say they have replaced the Palm trees and the Redwoods in tree world.

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