Changing direction

It's all east from here.

It’s all east from here.

We’ve been in California since May, gone up and down highway 5, and up and down highway 101…north and south, that is. I thought it was important to recognize that our direction has changed now from west to east.

pigeons on a sign

pigeons on a sign

These pigeons were doing that swirly bird thing as the sun set. I happened to be at a gas station and thought I might try to capture them in a photo. They broke into two groups and flew in opposite directions, then half of them landed on this sign. I felt fortunate to be there, looking through the camera at them.

Two minutes later, the sun set and I carried on eastward on Highway 10 toward…whatever came next.

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  1. Bob Moorehead

    We travel this Wednesday from Salton Sea to quartzite. BLM land and big Rv show next weekend in quartzite. Hope to see you there.

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